And So It Starts

“If it doesn’t involve you, it shouldn’t concern you.” -~ Unknown

So. Apparently my plans to tell my children after my son’s birthday next month have changed.  No it’s not what you think,  Husband did not say a word. He’s the one who told me the plan changed actually.

Although I have not told anyone other than my boss that I am having “personal problems” and Husband swears he only told his boss and sister, somehow someone I worked with before found out there was something going on with me. No big deal right? Well funny we live in a small world and his in-laws are friends with my in-laws.  So….and for a man he is a huge ass gossip!

So his mother-in-law calls mine and makes small talk and asks how I am, specifically asks about ME. She says fine why,  and friend kind of realizes oh perhaps this is not public knowledge and proceeds to try to act stupid and fails. My mother-in-law promptly calls her daughter to find out WTF, who then calls Husband to warn him Mom knows and she didn’t tell her!  So Husband calls me all pissed and then doesn’t believe me that I didn’t tell anyone since I used to work with the guy,  I had to have told him.  Sigh.

Seriously Universe? As if I am not dealing with enough already. I had a theory that the rental agency called to verify employment and the nosy receptionist told the guy. Well my credit and criminal reports were so good they didn’t need to check my employment. So there goes my theory.  So I have no idea what this guy knows,  who told him, or what he said to his inlaw!!!!

I am furious! I have always believed that the person whose news it is should be the one to tell it, when and if they want to, the way they want to!!!! Now because someone had to butt themselves into my business, I have to ruin my son’s birthday. Who gets to live with that guilt? The other person? Fuck no, me!!! As if I don’t have enough guilt already! Thank you so much gossiper!!!

Funny I told My Girl after she found out what her “friends” felt about her situation and how they were so angry and upset she didn’t tell them, was that you thought you were only married to one person, but apparently you had a lot of other spouses who have a vested interest in the relationship!!!  It’s so ridiculous.

Is it really so newsworthy that my employment is being verified?  Maybe I am looking for another job, and maybe it’s out of state and I have to rent an apartment!  I mean how fucking rude to assume I am breaking up with my husband just based on what it sounds like and even ruder to spread it around when you have no fucking right to do so!

I have decided not to contact the guy.  He would probably deny it anyhow.  And looking at it positively, I was paralyzed by fear for a bit so now things will move forward again and I can get off this awful emotional rollercoaster.

And so it starts that I will have to deal with all the fallout of people’s disappointments, judging,  shock, and anger at what I am doing with my life.

I don’t like it but can’t control other people. But don’t get mad at me world when you are up in my business and I get mad for it. If it involves you, I will let you know and consider your opinion. Until then mind your own fucking business!!! 




4 thoughts on “And So It Starts

  1. People love gossip and drama. I’ve had so many people message out of the blue to ask for details. Sick really. As you say, it’s none of their business and should be up to you and your H who is told and when. Maybe it’s time to just do it? No time is ever going to be right. And once rumours start they spread.
    Big hugs x

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