And So It Starts – Part 2

“Before you judge me make sure your life is perfect and forever will be.” ~ Unknown

I just received two interesting texts from my best friend in response to telling her I had not told my kids yet.

The first, “What excuse are you using? Mommy doesn’t feel well won’t work forever.”

The second, “I’m waiting for someone to tell them before you do.”

Wow.  Thanks for your concern. I will make sure to provide similar support while you continue to allow your emotionally abusive and aggressive husband to treat you like shit and hope he doesn’t become physical and hurt you all, just because you love him and he always promises to change.

I guess anyone can act in a way that surprises you!

I am doing the best I can, in the way that I think is least upsetting. If something happens to disrupt or complicate my decision, I will deal with it when it happens, and I am OK with that. Sorry if “you” are not. But as Lady Gaga says, “Till you’re standing in my shoes, I don’t wanna hear a thing from you, cause you don’t know,  till it happens to you,  you don’t know how I feel….”


Till it Happens to You



One thought on “And So It Starts – Part 2

  1. Exactly right! I know it’s hurtful, but it constantly surprises me when people have the answers regarding a situation of which they’ve never experienced. Each of us humans are unique in unique situations. You sound like an amazingly compassionate mom. Seems people are the same way regarding the timeline on grief regarding the death of a loved one. “You should feel better by now.” Blah, blah. There IS no timeline and it’s certainly not for others to say. You’ll be know when it’s time. Only you’ll know. We support you.


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