At Rock Bottom

Today I hit rock bottom.  I understand now how people can choose to end their lives rather than deal with this crushing pain.  Don’t worry,  I have my wits about me and won’t do anything to hurt myself but fuck….!  I am down so low I don’t see any light at all.  Pray for me.



15 thoughts on “At Rock Bottom

      1. Good. They need you. They need you more than you know. It’s tough. I get that but you are a strong woman who can handle this. Things happen for a reason and test us in a way we don’t understand at the time but you need to know that you are going to get through it. Please have faith. It hurts I’m sure but it heals. Just take your time.


    1. What’s the point? The Dumper becomes the Dumpee. 😦 I feel like I am at the crossroads and neither path looks great. Move out and be alone and broke or stay here and be lonely and with wasted money. Same level of happiness, which now is nil.


      1. Oh no!!!! I’m so sorry to hear that. No wonder you’ve hit rock bottom. I don’t know what to say – other than you need to be gentle on yourself and try remember that you were not doing this just to be with your girl, but for yourself because you weren’t happy. Being alone might be a good thing in that you can focus on finding you again.


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