Great, the Weekend

“Everybody’s working for the weekend.” ~ Loverboy

Not everyone, and not this weekend especially. I am leaving on Sunday. How quickly it came once I told my children. I am afraid to gently remind them and upset them. I am sad that my nightly goodnight saying will not be done in person most of the time now.

Next weekend is Mother’s Day and I may have to fight to have my kids since I don’t have their beds since it is somehow my fault that the delivery truck was not in the area until May, and so I decided to wait until I was off the second week to receive it! So what, why can’t they sleep in sleeping bags like they do with friends??? He has refused to discuss any arrangements other than my still coming over to help our son get on the bus so he (Husband) doesn’t have to change his work hours and go in later. It will be difficult too because my mother isn’t here so I am in a bittersweet, lonely place anyway.

I used to work for the weekends, until I became so unhappy. Now they are wished away so I don’t have so much time to be in my unhappy, tense house. So I don’t have so much time to think. So I don’t have so much time to be lonely.


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