Life has….

1468875565945This was my inspirational quote of the day.
I noticed love and dream first. But then every time I looked at it different words jumped out at me. Pain. Hope. Suffering. Courage. Negative words.  Positive words.
Besides the cool typography, the message itself is pretty powerful. Life consists of many emotional states, and sometimes one state is more prominent than the others. Because they are randomly placed, there is always a chance you will see a positive word first. Certainly there must be equal quantities of negative and positive words. Did I see negative words first because I have been sad? Probably.
If you took an emotion out of life, there would be a blank space. Life would be incomplete, it would be missing something.  Even though we would like to remove the negative parts, we need them to make life whole. We can’t know good without knowing bad.
It’s been awhile since I started this post. I’m happy to say that today I am noticing the positive words first, no matter their size. I am happy to have another day to experience everything my life has in it.

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