Just STFU Ok????

So now every day I have to hear in person or read via text about how displeased Almost Ex is that I am not working. Today was a reminder that there is such a thing as an unemployment benefit: “If you’re having trouble finding work you ought to see if you can at least get unemployment compensation.” Thanks Almost Ex, I had no idea that still existed! I love the “at least” part.  Not.

I think I will call him Harpy from now on since he is constantly harping on something involving my life.

Saturday he reminded me he is worried for our children’s well-being because I haven’t found a job. I said they will be fine.  He got mad as usual.  He was fishing to find out how I am paying my bills! It doesn’t make sense to me how they are harmed if I am still able to pay my bills and am supporting myself and mostly happier.

Then today he had to tell me to seek unemployment. Which of course I did not drop everything to look into since he told me to. But I am smart enough to know I didn’t need to look into it.  I resigned. It doesn’t matter I didn’t finish my two weeks. I live in an at-will state, either party can end the work relationship at any time for any reason. Later I did look at the eligibility…. And lo and behold, you generally are not eligible to receive unemployment benefits if you resign, unless you were told resign or be fired, and I wasn’t, and I have no proof only a hunch that I was going to be, or if I can prove that the environment was persistently and degeneratively hostile (or some such weird wording). Well, seeing as my supervisor was only hostile to me and she is a member of the firm’s founding family, I really don’t think I could prove I deserve the benefit. Whatever.

So Harpy, STFU about it OK? If you can’t STFU, you ought to at least complain to your sucky attorney that she is costing us too much money by sitting on her ass picking her nose and ignoring correspondence from my attorney! If you could worry about her and getting this divorce finalized instead of what I am doing that you don’t like it would be very greatly appreciated. K thx buh bye.


6 thoughts on “Just STFU Ok????

  1. I can appreciate your sentiment… However, take a word of advice from a non-harpy. In my state at least, you can generally collect on the time between when they let you go early and the date you stated your last day would be. And in case you cannot find a job later, it helps to already have the paperwork filed, because after a certain point, even if you resigned, you can generally collect if you can’t find work later. At least that is how it works in my state. And you have nothing to lose but a bit of your time by filing. Unemployment is very employee friendly, rather than the other way around.

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    1. Hmmm. Thanks BLT. I didn’t know that about the difference. I was paid for the two weeks though, I guess that’s why I didn’t really want to bother. I am looking, and honestly I feel it may be putting potential firms off because I am not there and not going to be for several months. I am not so specialized that there are no opportunities and I will be in a much bigger city so even better. And I do have my unexpected funds and my flower delivery money, so I am not stressing over it. It just bugs me that he feels he has to tell me what I ought to do, as if I am his child.

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  2. Even in a tough situation listening to Harpy ass STILL trying to control you, your humor shines through! Yes, sounds like he needs to worry about Harpy and HIS suck ass lawyer. You would think he’d be all over that! You take great care of your kids and it’s none of his business how you are doing so. I’ve learned that negative ppl would much rather point out and control everyone else’s perceived faults…because then they don’t have time to look in the mirror. He is the cause of his misery. Sadly, ppl like that ever make the realization. More power to you for getting away from it! Kudos to your strength!

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    1. Thanks LD. Unfortunately whenever I interact with him and suggest he is being negative he puts it all back on me. Yes he is one that will just never realize or take responsibility. 😦


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