Good Timing


I needed to see this today. I’m feeling very blah, not sleeping, irritable and impatient with my kids, and lost. Much like I felt in the days before I told them I was leaving, once I finally made up my mind to do it and stop torturing myself.

I feel like every step forward has been preceeded by 100 steps backwards.

Even my gratitude journal is struggling with entries like “I woke up!” or “I didn’t hear from Harpy!”

The job hunt is frustrating.  I have applied to eight jobs in the new city, and only one responded, but ultimately they don’t want to wait until May to fill the position. I applied to edit 50 word product descriptions for Best Buy as a telecommuting agent, and was denied because I am not skilled enough! That was annoying, with 25 years of experience I am not skilled enough???! What???!!! I have some other freelance apps in but they are difficult to win, but I will keep trying.

I know, things take time. Even my divorce journey. But lately it seems that it takes forever to get to a good place, and then I am back in the darkness really quickly.

I can’t wait for the end of this darkness.


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